VSFTPD FTP Server on Ubuntu

At first, not working, message:

Connection established, wait for welcome message … …

remove first:

sudo apt-get remove – -purge vsftpd

sudo apt-get install vsftpd

then. working.

You have to do too things before remove it:

1. delete /etc/vsftpd.conf

2. stop vsftpd thoroughly, because I always get

Stop: Unknown instance

and when I used:

ps -a | grep ftp

I can still see vsftpd was running, That meant the vsftpd was not stopped.

So I used: kill -9 25676

25676 is the process ID of vsftpd when I used “ps” command to see the process

After I run “kill” command, the vsftpd was not seen in the output list  of ps command again.

Only after these two things, I geot the vsftpd working properly.

I failed several times on reinstall vsftpd without doing those two things, for I was lazy.

One more thing, I also comment out the line: “pam_service_name=vsftpd”. I am not sure if this contrabute to the successfully working of vsftpd. I don’t have time to test it. But it is said that there are two execute modes: standalone and xinetd, and the line I comment out is used for standalone mode.

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