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Changing the computer name on Windows Server 2008 Core Edition

By Rick Vanover March 10, 2009, 4:46 AM PDT Takeaway: Installing Windows Server 2008 Core Edition is easy enough, but configuring it can be tricky. IT pro Rick Vanover shows how to rename a computer with a one-liner. In previous Windows Server … Continue reading

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Ubuntu: Change the Computer Name

Open a terminal window vi /etc/hostname the current computer name is in the file. Replace the current computer name with the desired new computer name. save file. restart your system. After the computer has restarted, it will have the new … Continue reading

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A gdisk Walkthrough

by Rod Smith, Last Web page update: 9/10/2011, referencing GPT fdisk version 0.7.2 Note: This page is part of the documentation for my GPT fdisk program. GPT fdisk consists of three programs: gdisk—An interactive text-mode program similar to fdisk sgdisk—A command-line program intended for … Continue reading

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VI – Copy and paste more than one line text

The command ‘Y’ or ‘yy’ copies (yanks) one or more lines. To copy one line, two lines, 10 lines, and all lines to the end of the file, respectively: Y 2Y 10Y yG To paste the text contained in the buffer … Continue reading

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Clean Up the New Ubuntu Grub2 Boot Menu

Abstract: you must change the files located in /etc/grub.d. Change mod to  non-executable: sudo chmod –x 20_memtest86+ Note: If you don’t run update-grub, the boot menu options will not change! So run upgrade-grub: sudo update-grub Remove Any Option by Editing … Continue reading

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How to use two different Skype account on Mac

Type following command line in terminal: (Applications – Utilities – Terminal) “sudo /Applications/ /secondary”

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vsftpd on Ubuntu Server – 530 Login incorrect

I got “530 Login incorrect” even after I was sure that I used correct password and reinstalled vsftpd I solved the problem by using the following method found on the website: modify the line in the /etc/vsftpd.conf file: pam_service_name=vsftp to … Continue reading

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