Troubleshooting your Samba configuration

If the Samba server doesn’t show up, check the following:

  • If you configured Samba to use plain text passwords, did you alter the registry in the Windows machines so that they’ll send plain text passwords instead of encrypted passwords?If you chose to use encrypted passwords, did you configure the Samba server to work with them? If not, see the next section, “Configuring encrypted passwords.”
  • Look at the configuration file and make sure you typed everything correctly.
  • On the Samba server, type testparm /etc/smb.confand press [Enter]. This diagnostic problem will detect certain flaws in the Samba configuration file.
  • Is your network functioning? From the Samba server, try pinging the Windows box; from the Windows box, try pinging the Samba server. (On Windows, click Start, choose Run, type ping followed by the IP address of the Samba server, and press [Enter].)
  • Is Samba running? On the Samba server, type smbclient -L followed by the server name and -N, as in smbclient -L Lothlorien -N. If Samba is installed and running correctly, you’ll see a list of all the shares available on this server.

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