Samba Server – can’t login by using Ubuntu user name and password

I remember that Samba Server worked very well. but this time I can’t login by using my Linux user name and password after I installed everything. Finally I found out that I didn’t added the user names to Samba by typing:

smbpasswd -a user1

and input password twice then type:

smbpasswd -e user1

After I did that to each user, I can login by using user name and password.

But why I didn’t do that last time and it still working?

last time, I added all users first and then installed Samba. So Samba got all users by it self during installation.

And this time, I installed Samba first and added users after that. so the Samba didn’t add users by it self. So I have to added all users to Samba by my self.


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