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Bluetooth keyboard can’t be connected to Mac

For those who has more than one Apple device might have experienced this situation: ¬†you just can’t get your bluetooth keyboard connected even though everything looks fine. There is a very possible reason, that is your bluetooth keyboard has been … Continue reading

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When the FTP Server is not using a default port

the command user1$ ftp 23 Connected to 220 Unauthorized user leave now! User ( typeusername 331 Password required for typeusername Password: 230 Logged on Remote system type is UNIX. ftp>ls . . .  

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A quick way to change the background color in Photoshop

1. Use “Magic Wand Tool” to select the area you need to change color. 2. Chang the frontground color to the color you want to change to. 3. Press “alt+Delete” to fill the selected area. This method can be used … Continue reading

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Format your Hard Drive for PC and Mac and PC

Windows uses either FAT32 or NTFS. Mac OS X uses Mac OS Extended also known as HFS+. All you really need to know is that they are just three different methods for storing information. Macs can handle some Windows formats, … Continue reading

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