Bluetooth keyboard can’t be connected to Mac

For those who has more than one Apple device might have experienced this situation:  you just can’t get your bluetooth keyboard connected even though everything looks fine.

There is a very possible reason, that is your bluetooth keyboard has been connected to another apple device earlier and not being released from that device.

So in order to get the bluetooth keyboard to connect to the current device, you need to go to your former apple device to release the bluetooth keyboard:

1. Go to “System preference – internet & wireless – Bluetooth”

2. Highlight your bluetooth keyboard, then click the “-” (minus button) at the bottom left of the device list.

3. When it ask you whether you want to remove the device? you just click “remove” button.

Then come back to the apple device to which you want to use the bluetooth keyboard with. The rest you need to do is just follow the normal connection procedure.


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