How to count word in TextEdit on Mac

I like to use TextEdit, even though I have MS Word on my MAC. The reason is that I can change the background colour in TextEdit. Normally I change the background colour to dark grey and the text colour to green. My eyes feel comfortable under this colour settings and I can work longer time without feeling tired.

But I have a problem with word count. Before I used “copy” and “past” to put my writing content to some other word count tools to get the word count. Obviously it was pretty tedious.

Then I found a way to do it use the AppleScript Editor. Here is how:

– Goto Applications/Utilities folder and find “AppleScript Editor”

– Double click “AppleScript Editor”

– Type the following  in the script window (upper window)

tell application “TextEdit”

set WC to count words of document 1

end tell

– Click “Compile”, make sure there is no error

– Click “Run”

You will get the number of word.


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