Always Keep a Fresh Pair of Eyes

©2014 Zephyr9000 – This article may not be republished without permission

Recently I always put a line of copyright information in the front of my posts (on a different site).

I have just found that I had been putting an @ symbol instead of the copyright symbol ©. I felt extremely embarrass.

Why I didn’t realize this error earlier?! On the site that I have been using , one can’t change the post that was published one day before. The error will stay there forever. I decided to move my leisure writing to this site from now on.

I didn’t find that the symbol was wrong because I assumed that there was no problem with my writing. I didn’t read my post using a “fresh pair of eyes”.

In our lives we might experience more situations like this. Sometimes we need to give ourselves some extra time to look at what we have done with a peaceful mind and a fresh pair of eyes.


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