Balance of Life

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I heard a sentence that says:”We should always remember that we are nothing and we are something.”

When we talk about that we are something, we are supposed to believe in ourselves. Being confident with our lives no matter how difficult it is. As long as we have the faith in our abilities, we will have the courage to continue to learn, to work, to go forward, and to overcome the obstacles. Only when we live this way, we are able to pass the temporary and dark period of life and go forward to bright future.

When we talk about that we are nothing, we are supposed to keep humble. No matter what great achievement we have accomplished. Only when we continue to learn, to walk forward, we can achieve more. Only when we live with this attitude, we are able to treat others nicely, appreciating what we have and encounter in our lives.

I think that is the way we use the two different kinds of attitudes. If we use them oppositely, our lives will become tragedies.

Overall a balance is essential for life. This saying can remind us to keep balance.


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