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Windows Server 2016 Doesn’t Show on Network of the File Explorer Window

Yesterday suddenly all computers on the company network couldn’t see the server. All the computers are running windows 10, and the server is installed MS Server 2016 standard edition. All computers were able to see the server before yesterday. Each … Continue reading

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The Key to Repeat Last Line In Python Interpreter on Mac


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How to Access My User Folder From The Terminal on Mac

When you enter the terminal, you are normally under your home directory. If you are in a different folder for some other reasons (for example you switched folder around), you can just do the following: cd $home or cd /users/your_username … Continue reading

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Start Using Python on Mac

Start IDLE from the terminal To open IDLE: Open a terminal window. In the terminal window, issue the command idleX.Y (for example: idle2.7) to launch IDLE*. Click Python-> Preferences… Menu item. Click General In startup Preferences part, click Open Edit … Continue reading

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How to Un-Send Your Email

You might have a moment like this: you wish that you hadn’t sent out the email just after you clicked Send button. If you are using gmail. You have an opportunity to recall your email by doing this in the … Continue reading

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How to Find Out How Many Days Left When Using Trial Version of Windows Server 2016

After you installed Windows Server’s trial version, at some time point you  might need to find out how many days left for your trial. Here is how to do it. Just go to command prompt window, and type: slmgr /dlv … Continue reading

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Show hidden files in Mac OS X

I saved a word template as my personal template. When I wanted to copy the template file to save in one of my folders for later use, I found that I couldn’t find the folder that the template located from finder. … Continue reading

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