How to Hide/Show Nonprinting Characters in Word 2011 for Mac

In Word 2011 for Mac it could be difficult to find the symbol “¶” that can show/hide nonprinting characters in your documents, like in other version of Word.

In this version of Word for Mac (2011), you need to do it this way:

  1. Go to main menu and click on Word.
  2. Click on Preferences to open the preferences window.
  3. Double click on View under Authoring and Proofing Tools.
  4. Under Nonprinting characters part, uncheck all check boxes.
  5. Click OK button.

It took sometime for me to find this when the first time I try to turn off the nonprinting characters in Word 2011 for Mac. Hope this small piece writing will save your time to do it.


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Technical Writing Revising – Line Editing – Focus on these issues

Because technical writing needs to be simple, clear, and direct, revising should focus on the following issues:

  1. The passive voice
  2. Wordiness
  3. Verb expressed as nouns
  4. Unnecessary relative pronouns
  5. Sentence length and structure



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Revising in sweeps

First identify your audience and purpose to revise the structure and organization. In this sweep you are revising in  the level of the document, section, and chapter.

Second looks at content and style, which makes changes at paragraph level.

Third check spelling, punctuation,  and sentence structure to make changes at sentence level.

Fourth check diction to make changes at word level.

Finally work on graphic/design level.

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bash: ./ /bin/bash^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

bash: ./ /bin/bash^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

I was trying to run a script named I got this:

bash: ./ /bin/bash^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory


Googling online, it is probably due to an extra carriage return at the end of the first line.

Use the command line:

$ head -1 | od -c

I saw:

0000000 # ! / b i n / b a s h \r \n

There was an extra \r in the command line. This normally happens when editing the script in windows. Obviously I needed to remove “\r”. I opened the script with MS Word, and saved the script as a plain txt file. A window pop up when I clicked “save as”, and some settings need to be decided before saving the file.
For the “end line with” I selected “LF only” (not CR/LF). The following image shows some other settings:


The file was Ok after re-saving.


$ head -1 | od -c

Again, I saw:

0000000 # ! / b i n / b a s h \n

Then I could run the scripts. You can also use some other method to remove the “\r”.




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Balance of Life

©2015 Zephyr9000 – This article may not be republished without permission

I heard a sentence that says:”We should always remember that we are nothing and we are something.”

When we talk about that we are something, we are supposed to believe in ourselves. Being confident with our lives no matter how difficult it is. As long as we have the faith in our abilities, we will have the courage to continue to learn, to work, to go forward, and to overcome the obstacles. Only when we live this way, we are able to pass the temporary and dark period of life and go forward to bright future.

When we talk about that we are nothing, we are supposed to keep humble. No matter what great achievement we have accomplished. Only when we continue to learn, to walk forward, we can achieve more. Only when we live with this attitude, we are able to treat others nicely, appreciating what we have and encounter in our lives.

I think that is the way we use the two different kinds of attitudes. If we use them oppositely, our lives will become tragedies.

Overall a balance is essential for life. This saying can remind us to keep balance.

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Always Keep a Fresh Pair of Eyes

©2014 Zephyr9000 – This article may not be republished without permission

Recently I always put a line of copyright information in the front of my posts (on a different site).

I have just found that I had been putting an @ symbol instead of the copyright symbol ©. I felt extremely embarrass.

Why I didn’t realize this error earlier?! On the site that I have been using , one can’t change the post that was published one day before. The error will stay there forever. I decided to move my leisure writing to this site from now on.

I didn’t find that the symbol was wrong because I assumed that there was no problem with my writing. I didn’t read my post using a “fresh pair of eyes”.

In our lives we might experience more situations like this. Sometimes we need to give ourselves some extra time to look at what we have done with a peaceful mind and a fresh pair of eyes.

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How to Get Control Panel Quickly on windows 8

Pressing windows logo key and “x” together, you will see a list of commands, just like when you right click your mouse when you put it on the windows icon on the left bottom corner.

This is a quick way to get control panel on windows 8.

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