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When the FTP Server is not using a default port

the command user1$ ftp 23 Connected to 220 Unauthorized user leave now! User ( typeusername 331 Password required for typeusername Password: 230 Logged on Remote system type is UNIX. ftp>ls . . .   Advertisements

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SFTP instead of ftp

Are you really sure you need FTP, specifically? If you’re just interested in transferring files securely, then you’ll want SFTP instead of FTP. It’s way past time to stop using FTP.The fastest and easiest way to get SFTP is to install the … Continue reading

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VSFTPD FTP Server on Ubuntu

At first, not working, message: Connection established, wait for welcome message … … remove first: sudo apt-get remove – -purge vsftpd sudo apt-get install vsftpd then. working. You have to do too things before remove it: 1. delete /etc/vsftpd.conf 2. … Continue reading

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