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The Key to Repeat Last Line In Python Interpreter on Mac

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How to Access My User Folder From The Terminal on Mac

When you enter the terminal, you are normally under your home directory. If you are in a different folder for some other reasons (for example you switched folder around), you can just do the following: cd $home or cd /users/your_username … Continue reading

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How to Hide/Show Nonprinting Characters in Word 2011 for Mac

In Word 2011 for Mac it could be difficult to find the symbol “¶” that can show/hide nonprinting characters in your documents, like in other version of Word. In this version of Word for Mac (2011), you need to do it … Continue reading

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Bluetooth keyboard can’t be connected to Mac

For those who has more than one Apple device might have experienced this situation:  you just can’t get your bluetooth keyboard connected even though everything looks fine. There is a very possible reason, that is your bluetooth keyboard has been … Continue reading

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Format your Hard Drive for PC and Mac and PC

Windows uses either FAT32 or NTFS. Mac OS X uses Mac OS Extended also known as HFS+. All you really need to know is that they are just three different methods for storing information. Macs can handle some Windows formats, … Continue reading

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Apache – Mac: getting a 403 Forbidden error: You don’t have permission to access / on this server.

At first, I changed only this line: Original: # DocumentRoot “/Library/WebServer/Documents” DocumentRoot   Modified: “/Users/yulin/Documents/2012/work/putiSite/putiVan20121115” I got “You don’t have permission… …” After I changed this line: Original: # <Directory “/Library/WebServer/Documents”> Modified: <Directory “/Users/yulin/Documents/2012/work/putiSite/putiVan20121115”> And restart apache by  typing: sudo … Continue reading

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